Report: Track owner got broken eye socket in Stewart alteraction

On Thursday, Tony Stewart addressed the incident with a Sydney Speedway co-owner that he had while racing in Australia. He said that if he had a choice, he'd have dealt with the situation much differently.

And now, thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald, we're learning some details about the situation, which had only been described as an altercation between Stewart and track co-owner Brett Morris that involved a helmet and left Morris with a broken eye socket.

The helmet was apparently heavily involved.

But it's almost certainly the first time the 39-year-old multimillionaire race driver found himself riding in a police car (in the front seat) and then cooling his heels in a holding cell. Police held him for questioning after it was alleged that Stewart tossed his race helmet at Morris when the two exchanged angry words over the condition of the clay racing surface.

Morris understandably took umbrage at the unexpected missile attack and quickly retaliated. Eyewitnesses said that both men got in a couple of good shots. "I don't care who Tony Stewart is - if he wants to come to Australia and throw a helmet, he'd better learn to fight," Morris told The Inside Line.

According to the report, Morris is scheduled to undergo surgery on his face next week and wouldn't comment when asked about the possibility of pressing charges against Stewart.

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