Report: Budweiser won't make final payment to RPM

The bad news keeps on coming for Richard Petty Motorsports.

Sirius Speedway is reporting that Budweiser won't make its final sponsorship payment to RPM because Kasey Kahne isn't in the car anymore.

Bud’s contract called for Kasey Kahne to be the driver of the Budweiser Ford, and when Kahne left the team five races early to join Red Bull Racing, that contract became null and void. There has been no confirmation from either the team or Budweiser, and no word on what the final installment of that sponsorship would have been worth to the team.

Given what's been revealed about George Gillett's finances over the past couple weeks, that final payment would have gone a long way if it was simply a $5 bill. Gillett's house of cards empire has tumbled, well, as quickly as a house of cards.

Earlier in the season, Foster Gillett, George's son, said that RPM would survive. Now, that's looking like the dreaded guarantee by a general manager that a manager's job is safe.

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