Remember the Truck Series? They're back this weekend

Sunday's Camping World Truck Series race at Kansas Speedway comes exactly one month after the previous race, April 2nd at Nashville. Seems like a long time, doesn't it?

Defending series champion Ron Hornaday is ready to get back to racing, as he said he's sick of checking things off his wife's honey-do list. Mike Skinner said he enjoyed the break, but at the same time, does wonder if it was the best thing for the series' visibility.

"I'd rather see less break, run every other week, get your 25 weeks in or whatever and maybe stop our season--our season is the same length as the Cup season--do we really need to wrap our championship in Homestead in November? Or do we maybe need to be down in September or October?" Skinner said.

It's an interesting question for the Truck Series, which has had some of the best racing of any of NASCAR's top three series over the past few years. But every race is on Speed, a channel that many casual fans don't watch on a regular basis, and with 11 fewer points races than the Cup series in the same amount of time, the Truck Series' schedule is really spread out at certain times.

"I would like to see more stand alone events instead of companion events. I don't know if the series will stand on its own feet, but I think it would, and I think we saw it in the past, but obviously I'm not the guy that makes those decisions," Skinner said.

In the past, however, the Truck Series was mostly a regional, short track series that raced on tracks that host many Friday and Saturday night races. Now they're at many tracks that host Sprint Cup events.

Guesses around the Kansas Speedway media center for attendance ranged anywhere from 10,000-35,000 for the attendance for Saturday's IndyCar race and Sunday's Truck race. Grandstand capacity is just under 82,000. Yes, attendance is down across all forms of racing, but one-third full grandstands are hard for large tracks to justify. Of course, NASCAR isn't goint to abandon the Truck Series at larger facilities any time soon, but I'd love to see them go back to their roots at tracks like Flemington Speedway and Louisville Motor Speedway. But that's not going to happen anytime soon.

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