Remember the three times when Talladega went caution-free?

Three Sprint Cup races have gone caution-free at Talladega. Think that's going to happen on Sunday?

The first race was in 1997, when Mark Martin led 47 laps and beat Dale Earnhardt to the finish line. That race featured 26 lead changes and finished in just under 2:40. That race had the fastest average speed of the three caution-free races.

The second was the spring race in 2001, where Bobby Hamilton won a race that featured 37 lead changes. Hamilton led just three laps that day and 26 different drivers officially led at one point.

The final caution-free Talladega race was in the fall of 2002, when Dale Earnhardt Jr. got the third of his four straight Talladega victories. Six cars retired from that race with engine failures that day and incredibly, that included the entire four-car Hendrick stable.

So what's a better chance to happen on Sunday? A caution-free race or a crash that leaves just three cars on the lead lap?

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