Red Bull's Mark Webber does his best Formula 2 impression

Remember that Ricardo Teixeira Formula 2 crash that we linked to a while back?

Sunday at the European Grand Prix at Valencia, Spain, -- the ninth of 19 races on the 2010 schedule -- Red Bull Formula 1 driver Mark Webber did his best to imitate Teixeira. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Formula Series, consider Formula 1 to be the Sprint Cup to Formula 2's Nationwide Series. And no, Formula 1 drivers don't also drive in Formula 2)

Thankfully, Webber walked away from the crash.

His teammate, Sebastian Vettel, won the race, while Lewis Hamilton was second.

Because of the wreck, Webber didn't score any points for Sunday's race, and is now in fourth place in the season points standings, 24 points behind Hamilton. Formula 1 classifies the top 10 drivers each race, with the winner earning 25 points and 10th place earning 1.

Vettel is in third place, 12 points behind Hamilton.

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