Presenting the debut of The Fireball Cup, recognizing excellence in NASCAR fighting

Jay Busbee

Look, let's be honest. We all like NASCAR rivalries here. But even though this is a sport that tracks every single segment of every single lap of every single driver, there is as yet no comprehensive method for tracking the many disputes that occur every week.

Until now. With a deep bow in the direction of our pals at Every Day Should Be Saturday and their Fulmer Cup, we proudly present the debut of The Fireball Cup, recognizing excellence in NASCAR brawling.

Here's how it works. Every week, we'll award points based on participation in fights or rivalries, breaking down in the following way:

• Verbal/Twitter exchange: 1 point
• Bumping cars in an aggressive, making-a-point fashion: 2 points
• Spin, non-critical: 3 points
• Spin, critical: 4 points
• Out of car, punches thrown: 5 points

So from this past weekend, Brian Vickers would get four points (critical spin on Stewart), Brad Keselowski would get three points (non-critical spin on Juan Pablo Montoya), Kasey Kahne would get three points (one for Twitter/interview shots at Montoya, two for knocking Montoya on-track), and so on.

Now, here's where you come in. We're jumping in midstream here, so we're going to have to backtrack a bit and tally up scores. In the comments below, make your best case for point values for the best fights of the season so far:

• Ryan Newman vs. Montoya
• Kyle Busch vs. Kevin Harvick
• Kyle Busch vs. Richard Childress
• Robby Gordon vs. Kevin Conway
• Carl Edwards vs. Kyle Busch
• Kurt Busch vs. his own crew

So there you have it. We'll total up the figures and award a Fireball Cup to our brawling champion at the end of the season. Any guesses who it'll be?