Will Power breaks out the double middle finger salute again; this time towards EJ Viso

Very rarely is a sequel more subtle than its precursor. Very rarely is a sequel organic. And Will Power, yours was both during Saturday night's Izod IndyCar Series race at Iowa Speedway and we thank you for it.

Last summer at New Hampshire, Power became somewhat of a sensation for his double middle finger salute towards IndyCar officials after the series tried to finish the race under green on a damp track, causing a major pileup. Power flipped them again on Saturday, giving E.J. Viso the treatment in response to Viso's gesture towards him.

Power and Viso had just made contact in turn one, as Viso was on the inside of Power. The contact sent Power around and both drivers into the wall, with Viso's car ahead of Power's. As TV cameras were focused on Power, he flipped up his visor, unhooked his steering wheel and BAM, the double barrel salute subtly appeared. And then it disappeared. In fact, if you rewound your DVR, you may have had a hard time finding it. It existed for just a couple frames.

Viso's car ended up ahead of Power's on the track. It wasn't visible in the initial camera shot, but on replay, when Viso climbed from his car he gestured toward Power while pointing at his helmet, intimating that Power needed to use his head. Power responded with his trademark, and then Viso got the last motion with a gesture towards, uh, down there. (After he emerged from the infield care center, Power said he had simply lost the car, and then after looking at replays, apologized to Viso for not seeing him on the inside.)

Will, you're now the master of the exuberant and the low-key double bird flipping, perhaps the best road racer in the IndyCar Series and you can extinguish your own engine fire. Don't stop being you.

(Uncensored version below)

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