Political unrest cancels F1 season opener in Bahrain

Because of the protests going on in Bahrain, Formula 1 has canceled the season-opening race that was scheduled for March 13 at Sakhir.

It was the obvious decision, and the teams will now test again instead of racing that week. While F1 said that it was Bahrain's decision alone, you can bet that the teams and series weren't unhappy with the news.

From Yahoo! Eurosport:

"At the present time the country's entire attention is focused on building a new national dialogue for Bahrain," said the crown prince.

"Although Bernie Ecclestone had graciously made clear that a decision on the race was entirely Bahrain's to make and was not yet required, we felt it was important for the country to focus on immediate issues of national interest and leave the hosting of Bahrain's Formula One race to a later date."

Bahrain was the first Middle Eastern country to host a F1 Grand Prix when it had its first race in 2004.

As of now, it's unclear if the race will be simply canceled or fit in somewhere else on the schedule. Logistically, it would make sense to have the race somewhere in the vicinity of the Abu Dhabi race on November 13, but that would probably necessitate the rescheduling of the season's final race in Brazil, scheduled for November 27th.

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