Pick up the pace: NASCAR ups pit speeds at road courses

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

AIIEEEE!!! Right turns!

OK, got that out of the way. Whew, never get used to that, do you? Anyway, word out of the hallowed halls of NASCAR this week is that speeds for pit road and the pace car will be increased at all four of NASCAR's sanctioned road courses, starting this weekend at Infineon. Speeds will be upped by 5 mph; the pace car speed is now 45 mph, and the pit road speed is now 40 mph.

"With cars going uphill and downhill, plus the way teams have developed their cars and gear ratios, the speeds were too slow," John Darby, Sprint Cup series director, noted. "Engines were overheating, especially with extended caution periods." Marcos Ambros nodded solemnly and shed a single, silent tear.

And since this topic in and of itself isn't that thrilling, let's use this as our requisite opportunity to weigh in on road courses. Do you like 'em? Do you want to see more? Should one be in the Chase? (Our vote: Yes, yes, no.) Have your say, friends.

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