Oh, this is one ugly set of NASCAR shirts

Why do NASCAR shirts have to be so ugly?

There are some good looking NASCAR shirts out there for those of us with discerning tastes, but it sure seems that NASCAR has a larger percentage of hideous fan gear than any other sport does. Of course, with a liberal use of camouflage and red, white and blue (sometimes together), NASCAR already has a head start on every other sport in the ugly category.

And another major subset of that ugly category? The full-screenprint shirt. How people find them appealing is beyond me, but hey, if you're going to announce your support for your favorite driver, you might as well broadcast it as loudly as you can without having to have blinking neon lights draped all over you, right?

Enter the new driver number t-shirts. Damn, they're obnoxious. The numbers on those things could be seen from space. And the words behind the number? That's your favorite driver's name over and over and over and over again. Loud and proud, I guess.

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