And now the boys are having at it in the Nationwide Series

See, this is how it happens. The youngsters see the grownups do something, and they've got to imitate it, whether it's cussing, drinking, or turning somebody that's done you wrong on the track.

Let's set the stage. The scene: Nashville Superspeedway. The series: Nationwide. The story: Jason Leffler is cruising around when James Buescher comes along and -- oh no!

Sucks for Leffler, right? The day goes bad, and it's not your fault. Sometimes that happens. Oh, but our story doesn't end there.

Leffler got back onto the track, and seeing as how tracks are round, it wasn't long before he and Buescher found one another. And then, this happened:

NASCAR parked Leffler, not a big deal since he was already running deep in the pack. But The Powers That Be said the hit appeared to be intentional, and from that second video, it's tough to disagree.

And so now it begins -- the talk on whether the boys are having at it too much, so to speak. Is this what you want out of NASCAR? Where's the line? Me, I'm fine with it as long as penalties are consistent -- if you're going to take somebody out of the race, you know you're gone too. However, there ought to be more severe penalty if you're already out of the race -- as Leffler was here, as Carl Edwards was in Atlanta -- because then you're screwing up somebody else's day without much damage to your own.

Leffler made some halfhearted attempts to claim innocence, but closed off with a comment that left no doubt as to his true take on the matter. Buescher is engaged to the daughter of his team owner, and so Leffler closed off with, "I'm sure his girlfriend's dad will write another check and he'll be back next week."

Nice! Who do these guys think they are, Edwards and Kevin Harvick?

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