NBC working on scripted NASCAR-themed show

No, it's not the scripted NASCAR show that we mentioned earlier.

This one is from NBC and is being developed by a writer-producer from the show Heroes.

From Deadline.com:

NBC is developing The Crew, a testosterone-heavy underdog family drama set in the world of NASCAR from Heroes writer-producer Joe Pokaski and NBC Universal-based producer Scott Stuber. The ensemble revolves around the family of distinctly different "brothers" on a NASCAR racing team who have their own lives and dreams, opportunities and problems -- but as a team share a singular goal to be the best.

The show is also apparently in negotiations with NASCAR to use logos and likenesses as well as footage from races.

In case Pokaski and Stuber aren't too familiar with NASCAR, we've come up with some storylines that they can use. We just hope that they're not too farfetched.

-- Families whose patriarchs are legends and some of the most revered names in the sport but the sons aren't as talented and can't cope with the mountains of expectations that were created because of their fathers' success. Plus, as an added twist, one of the patriarchs realizes one day later in life (this is for the sixth or seventh season) that he only owns four percent of his name!

-- In addition, that storyline can also parallel the one of the third generation family member in the NASCAR corporate office who is also dealing with the pressure that comes with trying to take the family business to new heights.

-- An incredibly successful driver has it all -- Cup championships, a model wife and a beautiful baby daughter -- but can't gain respect off the track no matter what he does. And as the perfect antithesis, another driver falls from grace due to his own personal demons but blames the sport for his downfall.

-- A female driver desperately trying to be successful in the sport but finds that in order to make a name for herself, she needs to market herself much differently than a male driver.

-- A young driver who wears his emotions on his sleeve. His desire to win is expressed in ways other people don't appreciate, and he struggles with being misunderstood, even going so far as to film a reality show to show the world that he's human too.

Pretty original, don't you think?

(Yes, that's Jeff Burton from his General Hospital appearance last year)