Nationwide Craziest Moment: Six car crash sets up green-white-checker finish

Travis Pastrana is becoming a weekly staple in these, huh?

Pastrana was in a six-car crash with five laps to go in the scheduled distance of Friday night's Nationwide race at Daytona International Speedway.

The crash was triggered as Pastrana moved down to follow teammate Trevor Bayne and made contact with Cole Whitt, who had drifted up the racetrack.

It collected Jason White, Jamie Dick, Robert Richardson and Jeffrey Earnhardt too, with Pastrana's car violently crashing into White's and then hitting the wall. After his car slid to a stop in the grass before the entrance to pit road, White got out of his car and laid on the ground for a moment. He was tended to by safety workers and walked to the ambulance. White was checked and released from the infield care center; he said that the crash had knocked the wind out of him.

Somewhat stunningly, this crash was the only one of the evening, as the ensuing green-white-checker restart was completed without an accident despite much jostling and, at times, four-wide racing for third place as Matt Kenseth and James Buescher drove away from the pack. Kenseth won the race.

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