Nationwide Big One takes out Dale Earnhardt Jr

Probably the scariest moment of Saturday's Nationwide race -- aside from the sight of certain drivers who will go unnamed in one's rear-view mirror -- was the wreck that took out Dale Earnhardt Jr. late in the race. Click on the pic below or right here to view the video:

Thankfully, Junior was just fine, though that was one freaky little wreck. Tony Stewart didn't mince any words after the race; still burning from a media question on Friday about whether the cars were "too safe," he began his press conference with a statement: "I just want to know if anybody thinks the cars are too safe today after what we saw. I want to know if anybody thought when Dale Jr. was upside down today the car was too safe." Too safe? Nope. But safe enough that Junior popped right out. And that's what everybody -- Nation and haters alike -- wants to see.

Oh, and for the record, Junior's Beard was just fine.


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