The NASCAR World Cup: Stewart vs. Edwards for the title

Who ya got Saturday night at Richmond?

Tony Stewart's coming off of a win last Saturday at Atlanta and after Carl Edwards finished second, he said that he felt that his team had a better shot at the title this year than they did in 2008.

Strong words. Strong matchup.

As we noted Monday, Stewart has the better record at Richmond, but he struggled there in the spring. However, Stewart was struggling everywhere in the spring and it's not a stretch to say that he and crew chief Darian Grubb have been the best team over the mid-portion of the season. And you can make that same argument for Edwards and Bob Osborne, who have gotten a boost from the new FR9 engine, even if Edwards hasn't made it to victory lane yet this season.

Jay's Pick: Tony Stewart. It's his time, he's running well and he's had his taste of victory lane. Carl is smooth, but he's a big beneficiary of consistency. Head to head, I'm taking Smoke every time.

Nick's Pick: Tony Stewart. I'm really torn between the two, but I'm going to go with Stewart's past history at Richmond. Plus, he's my pick to take the Chase so I might as well pick him to win the NASCAR World Cup too.

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