The NASCAR World Cup: Stewart and Edwards make the final

It's fitting that the two drivers in the final of our NASCAR World Cup have scored the most points of anyone over the World Cup's previous six races and finished 1-2 in the semfinals Sunday night at Atlanta.

Atlanta winner Tony Stewart has scored 913 points over the six races of the World Cup and second place finisher Carl Edwards has racked up 938 points.

Both drivers are locked into the Chase, so there are no clinching scenarios to be worried about at Richmond on Saturday. Based on past history, Stewart has the edge with 15 top 10s in 23 Richmond starts to Edwards' four top 10s in 12 starts.

How they got here:

Edwards: 7 (Indianapolis), 3 (Pocono), 5 (Watkins Glen), 3 (Michigan), 12 (Bristol), 2 (Atlanta)

Stewart: 5 (Indianapolis), 2 (Pocono), 7 (Watkins Glen), 6 (Michigan), 27 (Bristol), 1 (Atlanta)

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