The NASCAR World Cup: No Cinderellas in the Final Four

Maybe it was fitting that AJ Allmendinger and David Ragan got caught up in a crash together. The only two drivers outside of the Chase in the last eight of the NASCAR World Cup saw their hopes end on lap 127 when Allmendinger got into Ragan.

And had both drivers been able to keep the fenders on their cars, they would have had great chances to score upsets as Kevin Harvick, Ragan's opponent, was berating his crew all night for a poor handling race car and Tony Stewart got rear-ended checking up for Ragan and Allmendinger's accident. (OK, so Stewart probably has a good finish if it wasn't for their crash. Let's have fun here)

Anyway, it's no fluke that our Final Four contains Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Stewart and Harvick. Edwards, Stewart and Harvick have been three of the best drivers in the Series over the past month and while Busch hasn't performed up to his lofty expectations, he showed Saturday night that he's a threat for the World Cup. We've got two weeks until Atlanta, we hope you can contain your excitement!

The Matchups: Busch v. Edwards, Stewart v. Harvick

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