How NASCAR and the UN could help road safety worldwide

The roads of this planet are a scary place. You quite literally take your life into your hands when driving on roads throughout the developing world. Check some UN statistics, courtesy of writer Jordi Scrubbings:

• More than a million people are killed in road accidents in the developing world each year
• Every day a thousand under 25 year-olds are killed in road accidents
• Road accidents are the world's number one killer of 15 -19 year olds.)

As Scrubbings -- who, I should add, has been a blog-o-pal of mine since long before there was a Marbles -- notes, the UN has worked with Formula 1, among other racing organizations, to help promote world safety. But there has, as yet, been no NASCAR involvement in safety outreach. It's a great idea, spreading NASCAR around the world, and it's got two major benefits for both the sport and the international organization. NASCAR gets to appeal to a much wider swath of fans -- Tony Stewart would be huge in Eastern Europe, I tell ya -- and the U.N. gets a bit of good publicity among the NASCAR fanbase, traditionally not the most receptive to the international organization.

It's a good idea, one well worth your time to click. So do it now ... and offer up your best guesses below on which nations will be most receptive to which drivers.

NASCAR and the United Nations Road Safety Program []