NASCAR releases rule changes for 2014, including increased spoiler height

NASCAR announced rule changes for 2014 on Tuesday, including an increased rear spoiler height and no front ride height measurements pre and post-race.

The sanctioning body held a test last week to try out four configurations, including one with an approximate 100 horsepower reduction. However, horsepower will not be reduced next season.

The spoiler adjustment is a three/fourths inch raise from last year's 7.25 inch height to eight inches. Will help create a larger hole in the air for cars in traffic? It may "dirty" the air more with turbulence, but NASCAR also increased the radiator pan size from 38x13 inches to 43x13 to help increase front downforce.

Last season, multiple penalties were handed out for teams failing to meet post-race height requirements. (Typically a six-point penalty). Now that's not an issue with no minimum ride height requirements.

The leading edge of the front splitters will also be square and the side skirts of the cars will be slightly lower while the rear sides of the cars will be slightly higher.

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