NASCAR @ the movies: Re-cast ‘The Breakfast Club’ with drivers

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

This is what happens when we've got a little time on our hands before a big race: esteemed NASCAR journalist (and our pal) Dustin Long threw out a question Thursday morning on Twitter: if you were going to re-cast the iconic '80s teen flick "The Breakfast Club" with NASCAR drivers, who would you choose?

If, for some ungodly reason, you haven't seen "The Breakfast Club" (being too young is only barely an excuse), a synopsis: five high school kids from different social strata are serving out a day in weekend detention under the watchful eye of their domineering principal. Both hijinks and pathos ensue, as the crew learns to look past stereotypes and see each other's true -- you know what? This description makes the movie sound a lot crappier than it is. It's a legend. Go see it.

For now, though, make your best arguments for which drivers could serve as which characters. The self-appointed principal dispensing justice that backfires on him? Sounds like Tony Stewart at Infineon this year to me. Claire, the prom queen who wants to prove she's not just a pretty face? Danica Patrick or Kasey Kahne, take your pick. Brian, the nerdy kid who's got more depth than anyone expected? Dead ringer for Brad Keselowski there. Andrew, the wrestler from whom everyone expects perfection while he grapples with daddy issues? Gosh, I can't imagine who could play that part, can you?

Anyway, have at it. And if you're on Twitter, throw a little shout-out to Dustin for the great idea. This ought to be a series.

Update: check this Photoshop from Twitter user @48GOAT:

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