NASCAR and hip-hop: Let's just take this slowly, shall we?

At first glance, you wouldn't think NASCAR and hip-hop have anything at all in common. And outside of Mark Martin inexplicably listening to Gucci Mane, they really don't. But give both phenomena credit for trying to cross the divide, ever so slowly.

Here's the deal: Vibe magazine is sponsoring Darrell Wallace Jr., one of the most successful products of the Drive for Diversity program. It'll put the Vibe logo on Wallace's car, but more significantly, it'll offer Wallace plenty of ink in upcoming Vibe issues.

Which is all for the good. No need for us to cling to old stereotypes that divide us rather than unite us, am I right? Let's converse rather than assume, friends. Otherwise, we'll be subjected to more, uh, performances like this:

Props to Mr. Vanilla C for working "Jerry Nadeau" into a rhyme, I guess. But I don't think Greg Biffle and Jamie McMurray could have looked any more uncomfortable if you'd lit their toes on fire.