What if NASCAR had the Formula 1 points system?

Alright Chase-haters, this post is for you.

Before the Chase started, we talked about what the Chase would look like if it was on a 12-1 point scale, giving points to only the Chase drivers. (Through eight races of this season's Chase, Denny Hamlin would have 73 points to Kevin Harvick's 72 and Jimmie Johnson's 71)

Four drivers are alive for the Formula 1 title as the series heads to Abu Dhabi for the final race of the season. If the F1 points system was in place for the Sprint Cup Series, very little would change at the top of the standings.

The Formula 1 point system awards points on a sliding scale from first to 10th (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1). If a driver finishes 11th or lower, he doesn't get points.

Just like if the old points system was still in place, Harvick would be leading the points with 307 points. Johnson would be six points back with 301 points and Hamlin would be 13 back with 294. No other driver would be within striking distance.

Harvick's been the most consistent of the bunch over the season, with four second-place and four third-place finishes to go along with his three wins. 261 of Johnson's 301 points have come from top three finishes -- he has five third place finishes, but the most extreme points split may be Hamlin's. Thanks to his eight wins, Hamlin has 200 points from victories and has just 10 other top 10 finishes in 2010.

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