NASCAR changes manufacturer points system

The points system to determine the manufacturer title in NASCAR will now be similar to the points systems that the sanctioning body uses for owner and driver points.

The manufacturer's title is awarded to the car make in the sport that has the most points at the end of the season, so in the Sprint Cup that includes Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota.

Starting in 2014, the points will be given for the highest finishing car make based off the points system that NASCAR currently uses. For example, if a Ford wins and leads the most laps, a Chevy leads a lap and finishes second and a Toyota doesn't lead a lap and finishes third, Ford will receive 48 points, Chevy 43 and Toyota 41.

Previously, the highest finishing manufacturer received nine points, second received six and third place received four.

"We have always focused on intensifying the natural rivalries between our manufacturers -- both on the race track and in the showroom" NASCAR VP of competition and racing development Robin Pemberton said in a statement. "We believe aligning the points system with the owner points will create better understanding for the entire industry, and bolster interest and excitement with our fan base, which has shown intense manufacturer loyalty throughout the sport's history."

Any tiebreakers will be decided on wins, second-place finishes and so forth, just like the drivers' and owner's points.

The manufacturer's points system has been a distant third in the pantheon of NASCAR championships, and that may be because of Chevrolet's dominance in the Sprint Cup Series. Chevrolet has won the last 11 manufacturer's titles.

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