The Year of the NASCAR Baby rolls on: Gordon's having a boy

Jeff Gordon and wife Ingrid already have one darling little child, the insanely cute Ella there, and there's another on the way. And just like the pioneers used to do, they announced on Jeff's website that they're expecting a little boy. Congrats to the happy couple!

For those of you keeping track at home, that makes our NASCAR Baby Scoreboard look like this:

Elliott Sadler: Proud father of a baby boy born on Feb. 15.

Carl Edwards: Happy papa of a baby girl born on Feb. 24.

• Jeff Gordon: Expecting a baby boy in August.

Jimmie Johnson: Expecting a baby this July.

Juan Pablo Montoya: Expecting a baby in July.

So what you've got right there is the makings of the NASCAR class of 2032. Their daddies will all be long retired by then, but I'm betting Mark Martin will still be out there running alongside the young pups.

You'll excuse me while I go watch an hour of car crashes and old MTV Spring Breaks to get this baby smell off me.

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