NASCAR 2011: The Game's release date pushed back

We're going to have to wait a little longer for NASCAR 2011: The Game to come out.

The game, which is set for release on PS3, XBOX 360 and the Wii has been pushed back to March 29 instead of in February.

The official reason was given on a forum on the developer's site.

From Eutechnyx:

The main reason is we simply wanted more time to polish it and hopefully make it the experience you guys are craving. Its never easy to delay a game as it can cause a lot of disappointment, but we genuinely feel that by doing this you guys will be even happier with the end product.

Believe me were all just as desperate to have this game in your hands now and get online and race against you guys. But sometimes more time is needed to get that fantastic end product we want to ship.

We've talked about this game before, and if it plays as half as well as it looks, it'll be a great experience for those of us craving a good NASCAR game. It's been a while since we've been able to take a NASCAR driver to virtua-victory lane at Bristol.

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