MotoGP driver Shoya Tomizawa dies at San Marino

Just eight days after the death of 13-year-old Peter Lenz at Indianapolis, 19-year-old Shoya Tomizawa died in a MotoGP crash at San Marino on Sunday.

Tomizawa was killed in the Moto2 Series race -- the Moto2 is a feeder series for the top series -- after hitting his head on the track after his bike flipped. He was then hit at full speed by two other drivers.

From the AP:

A statement on the MotoGP website said Tomizawa died of cranial, thoracic and abdominal trauma.

Tomizawa was initially put on an artificial respirator at the Misano World Circuit medical center before he was taken to a hospital in Riccione, where he died.

"I'm truly devastated about what happened to Shoya," De Angelis said. "I'm close to his family and all of them loved him a lot. ... In moments like this nothing seems to matter.

"I saw Shoya fall in front of me. It is the worst ever incident in my career. I tried everything I could to avoid him and hit his motorbike instead."

46 drivers have been killed since the MotoGP Series started in 1949.