Mini-racing: Get the Fontana II experience in 15 minutes

Traditionally, the words "Fontana" and "good racing" go together about as well as "Junior Nation" and "satisfied contentment." But lo and behold, the fourth race of the 2010 Chase turned out to be ... well, not so bad. Sure, Jimmie Johnson increased his points lead, but bottom line, this was a race where the gap grew between the contenders and the pretenders -- and some of those drivers in the former group suddenly found themselves in the latter. Here, kick back with a little racing action:

The legit challengers to Jimmie still remain, but Johnson is coming ever closer to that fifth consecutive title. Not many opportunities for the rest of the field to catch up ... though Talladega looms at the end of the month.

So, your take. Is the Chase over? Does anyone have a chance of slowing the 48? Have your say.

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