Midnight Marbles, where Kyle Busch is an Undercover Boss

Hey all, time for a little Midnight Marbles late night/weekend chat about whatever's on your mind. For starters, consider what NASCAR stars would fit best in which television shows. How well would Kyle Busch do as an undercover boss? (Probably would have a hard time fooling the guys in the shop.) How would Juan Pablo Montoya fare on "Mad Men"? Jeff Gordon on "Rescue Me"? Dale Earnhardt Jr. on "Lost"? Just, you know, to throw a few ideas out there. Roll with 'em.

Oh, and hey — if you're looking for something to occupy your time beyond the world of NASCAR, why not check out my new all-sports podcast, "Why Is This News?" Done with baseball blogger Kevin Kaduk, we've already had a fine slate of guests, including authors and Hall of Famers. Enjoy, and we'll see you back here soon with more.

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