Midnight Marbles, where Junior's wondering what's in the trunk

I love this picture of Junior Johnson checking out one of his old rides in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Love it because you just know Junior left a stash or two of moonshine where nobody could find it, and he's wondering if he could climb up there and yank it out without anybody noticing.

Anyway, welcome to Midnight Marbles, folks, where the door's open for you to chat about anything and everything you like. NASCAR, other sports, other topics, whatever. Have at it, and be good to each other while you do.

Also, if you've got a few free moments, why not check out "Why Is This News?", the latest podcast from me and Big League Stew's Kevin Kaduk. It's not NASCAR, but it's fun, and I think you'll dig it. Check it out.

Enjoy, everybody, and start getting ready to sit for 600 miles on Sunday night!

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