Michael Waltrip takes a turn on the Sean Hannity Show

Of all the locations I'd expect Michael Waltrip to show up, Sean Hannity's show on Fox has to be one of the last. But there he was, right next to Ralph Reed and some Democratic strategist who probably should have painted a target on her forehead. How'd he do? Well, I'll let you decide:

A mini-debate erupted on Twitter Tuesday night over Waltrip's participation, with some saying he wasn't funny, some saying he was preaching the truth, some saying Democrats are NASCAR fans too, and some saying he was too divisive. (Although I think everyone agrees that Hannity looked like a Michael Waltrip bobblehead when he put the helmet on.)

I'll stay out of this one and turn it over to you -- should our sports stars express their politics, even if they run counter to a chunk of their fanbase? And if you say "yes," then do you believe that it's OK for Hollywood stars to express theirs as well, considering -- in this instance, at least -- they'd be on opposite sides of the aisle? Or do you just want them to keep their mouths shut and do what they do best? Have your say, friends.

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