Merry Christmas and happy holidays from The Marbles!

It's Christmas, and that means around here we're taking a break from talking about NASCAR to actually spending a little time with our loved ones. (Not that we don't love you guys, really.)

So take a little time off, hang with your friends and family, and remember ... less than two months to Daytona!

(By the way, that picture comes from a site called Holiday Phone Calls, and you can get Santa, Frosty or Tony Stewart to give you a call. Hey, give 'em a ring today; it's Christmas and maybe Tony's lonely and looking for someone to talk to!)

Seriously, thanks to all of you for reading this site all throughout the year. It's a true pleasure for me to work on this, and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do. See you in a bit with more. Happy holidays to all!

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