Meet Dale Earnhardt Jr., now in pleasing cartoon form!

Hey, dig this! Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to be a cartoon on the Handy Manny Show! First announced at the Daytona 500, "Handy Manny Big Race" is now officially on the Disney Channel slate for March 20.

Now, I don't know much about Handy Manny -- I'm a Spongebob Man myself -- but according to the plot summary, Manny and his tools will serve as a pit crew at the Wood Valley 500 race. (Must have been a tough year in Wood Valley; no sponsorship packages.) OK, so here's the deal: "Manny and the tools have to help Elliot fix up his used race car in order to enter the race, and luckily the car turns out better than expected, but not Elliot! Elliot is too nervous to drive!" (Hey, you would be too, if Carl Edwards was on the track.)

So anyway, enter Junior. "Dale’s character, Chase Davis, must step in to help out and Manny gets behind the wheel to try to win the race for the entire team." (Hey, why isn't Dale driving? He's a NASCAR driver, and ... oh. Never mind.)

Anyway, check the show out on March 20th on the Disney Channel. And send us clips. Please.

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