Mayfield apologizes for hinting his stepmother killed his dad

And the Jeremy Mayfield train just keeps rollin' on.

One of the many lawsuits and charges that initially arose after Mayfield was suspended from NASCAR for failed drug tests in 2009 was a slander suit filed by Lisa Mayfield, the driver's stepmother. Why did she file the suit? Read on.

In the summer of 2009, NASCAR charged that Mayfield had levels of methamphetamine in his blood, which one would expect from a frequent user of the drug. Lisa Mayfield backed up that charge, saying she'd witnessed Mayfield use meth at least 30 times, and that he had, on at least one instance, raced while under the influence of narcotics.

Mayfield fired back, telling WBTV:

"She was part of conspiring or she killed my dad, so this is a lady is who is desperate for anything. She's mad at me, she hates me. I wanted my dad to be here today and not shot in the heart with a .357 pistol."

You can see how that might not be received so well. Mayfield's father committed suicide in September 2007, two separate findings ruled. The slander suit was scheduled to go to trial on Wednesday, but was settled with a confidential agreement and a public apology from Mayfield, which reads:

"I have previously made statements to the press in which I accused Lisa Mayfield of either murdering my father, Terry Mayfield, or being involved in a conspiracy to murder him. Those statements were made in the heat of my emotional state at the time. I now retract those statements and apologize to Lisa for having made them."

Mayfield's suit against NASCAR was thrown out of court by a district judge in May 2010. This marks the end of another chapter in a story that's one of the more bizarre in NASCAR history. In fact, we turned it into a kind of performance art here about 15 months back, with words, pictures and music.

Mayfield hasn't raced competitively since 2009. Something tells me, though, that we haven't heard the last of Jeremy Mayfield. Not by a long shot.

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