Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart drop in on Wisconsin for racing

So you're an up-and-coming young racer, making your name on small tracks. You've been invited to an All-Star race, and you'll be wheeling it against the best cats in your area. But you can take 'em, oh yes you can. You're ready to roll, baby, all full of motor oil and rocket fuel. You're going to make your name tonight. And then you show up at the track to find out who you'll be running against ...

Matt Kenseth and Tony Stewart. Aw, crap.

Yep, Flatline and Smoke did that oh-so-cool "racing with regular folks" thing Tuesday night, traveling to the Madison International Speedway in Oregon, Wis., for an All-Star exhibition race, the Swiss Colony All-Star 100, against a field that included Kenseth's son Ross. How did it go? Let's check the local news:

Kenseth slipped past Steve Carlson, whom local media called the state's best short-track driver, for the last-second win. Smoke, meanwhile, languished back in the pack and never got it going.

Line of what was certainly a very special night for the locals went to Kenseth: "It's fun to come back and race against a bunch of guys I used to race against. You can tell I'm getting older because I'm racing against a bunch of their kids."

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