Matt Kenseth’s greatest hits, Martinsville edition

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Is there any driver whose public profile has changed for the better this season more than Matt Kenseth? Despite his nickname "Flatline" (which, uh, we gave him here), he's proven to be one of the funniest drivers in NASCAR, with a one-liner for every possible situation. On Friday at NASCAR, he was hopped up on coffee and in top form, starting with his inquiry to Jimmie Johnson about JJ's beard, and going on from there.

Kenseth also discussed this little dust-up with Carl Edwards from back in 2007 at Martinsville:

"First of all, I'm glad he just cocked it and didn't fire it, because that would have hurt," he laughed. "I might still be laying out there somewhere." Kenseth noted that their relationship has improved considerably since then.

But if the duel remains Kenseth-Edwards throughout the rest of the season, "there's gonna be a big fight at Homestead," he laughed. When asked who would win that fight, Kenseth smiled. "Who do you think?"

From there, it was off to discussion about the Trevor Bayne incident from last week. When one reporter questioned Kenseth about a quote he'd just made, Kenseth grinned, "You want me to come over there and tear up your notes and yell at you?" (The reference, obviously, was to Kurt Busch's Richmond press conference debacle.)

More great material, including a funny dodge of a question about Jack Roush, followed. And Kenseth leaves another track as the press conference champion. That's something, right?

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