Mark Webber deals severe blow to Lewis Hamilton's F1 title hopes

Maybe Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton decided to one up Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick? Ah, who are we kidding. They probably don't even watch NASCAR.

While Harvick and Hamlin made contact in practice, Webber and Hamilton -- the drivers running 1-2 in the F1 points standings -- made contact in the race. And it cost Hamilton dearly.

Going into Singapore, Webber and Hamilton were separated by five points. Webber's already been in the middle of some controversy this season for an incident involving front wings with his teammate Sebastian Vettel and also went airborne at Valencia. You probably know Hamilton more for his girlfriend (the Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger) even though he may be the most popular driver in the world. (Yes, believe it or not, it's not Dale Earnhardt Jr.)

(As an aside, if you watch one F1 race all year, Singapore is definitely on the short list. The race is run downtown at night and it's absolutely stunning. It's basically the Monaco race run eight hours later in the day and minus the incredible wealth)

After a pit stop, Hamilton had run down Webber and made a move to the outside entering turn 7 when Webber was held up by a lapped car. As Hamilton moved to clear Webber, Webber held his line and Webber's right front popped Hamilton's left rear in the apex of the corner.

Somewhat miraculously, the shot was clean enough for Webber that he was able to continue without damage but it broke the suspension on Hamilton's car, knocking him out of the race.

From our friends at Eurosport:

"I saw Mark made a mistake and got caught up with a backmarker so I was in a position to slipstream him ... going into turn seven," said Hamilton, who won in Singapore last year.

"I thought I was enough past him, I couldn't see him and turned in and tried to leave enough room on the inside and the next thing I know I got hit.

"I think it's a racing incident. I came out a bit unfortunate but that's racing."

In the last race, the Italian Grand Prix, Hamilton had to retire after an incident in turn 1.

Webber, the points leader, finished third and by virtue of the incident, extended his points lead over Hamilton to 20. Race winner Fernando Alonso leapfrogged Hamilton in the points standings and is now second, 11 points behind Webber.