Mark Martin and Jillian Michaels work out at Fontana

Mark Martin's fitness routine is legendary in NASCAR circles, so it was obviously fate that brought he and Jillian Michaels together.

Well, OK, is close enough, isn't it?

Martin and Michaels, who's on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" -- we'll let you make the Martin jokes on that one -- worked out on Friday at Auto Club Speeway. (Given the rain and the weepers on the track, it's not like Martin had to actually drive the car at any point, so what else was he going to do?)

We'll also let you caption the photo above in the comments, but from our vantage point, it looks like Martin may have faced the wrath of Jillian during that workout. Why wasn't Danica Patrick involved? Did she get to skip the workout because it's her 29th birthday?

(Yes, we know she is in St. Petersburg)

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