Marbles Fantasy League update: The Lady awaits

Kyle Busch, you taunt and you tease and you end up winning big. That's not supposed to happen! You're supposed to flame out after losing your cool! Stupid maturity ...

Anyway, in Richmond, we had three players tie for a 360-point first-place total: Dick Trickle, Steel Chariots and MP4-21. Not surprisingly, all three ran out the same team: Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, Kevin Harvick and AJ Allmendinger. Next on the list were One Slick Engineer and Artie. League leaders include weenies, Dick Trickle and Torkel's Chicken Pit Racing (great name, that).

It's never too late to join our league. Here's how. Click on that graphic there at right or right here to get to the Auto Racing fantasy sports page. You'll be joining "Friends of From the Marbles," and here's your sign-in info:

Group ID: 31
Password: marbles (sneaky, yes?)

Go on, do it! Next up is Darlington. Be nice to the Lady in Black, and she may be nice to you. Have at it!

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