Lunatic video: Taxicab heads wrong way down China highway

You know how when you get into a cab, you feel absolutely invulnerable even though you're placing your life in the hands of a total stranger? Jerry Seinfeld once did a whole riff on this peculiar mindset. But not even Jerry rode in a cab that went the wrong way on a Chinese highway. Behold:

That's actress Kelly Hu ("Hawaii Five-O," "CSI:New York") narrating the proceedings there. As she later wrote on her blog (part of the presciently titled site "Alive Not Dead"), "While on the freeway our driver realized he was lost and instead of getting off at the next exit and turning around, he decided to make a u-turn in the middle of the freeway and proceeded to travel in the opposite direction of the traffic!!! Apparently this is not uncommon in China, especially in Tianjin." My goodness.

Yes, I know this has nothing to do with NASCAR or even racing, but it's cars, it's video, and so we're running it. Plus, think how much more fun NASCAR would be if they ran one car in the opposite direction every race.

[Hat tip: Gawker.TV]