Lost Marbles: Richard Petty's final race and this new Gordon kid

Did you know that The Marbles has been around since NASCAR's beginnings? It's true!* And we've just recently come across a treasure trove of old Marbles posts from days gone by! Check out what was being said right here during the greatest moments in NASCAR history, only on Lost Marbles!

Well folks, the 1992 season has come to a close and we've got ourselves a changing of the guard, but more on that in a minute. I'm still catching my breath from that epic championship battle.

Bill Elliott just needed to beat Alan Kulwicki by 11 points and the title was his. And all Kulwicki had to do was hold serve, and boy, did he ever.

Yeah, Bill won the race, but thanks to a great move by Alan's crew chief, Paul Andrews, The Hooters car (in the appropriately named Hooters 500) stayed out a few extra laps before pitting for a gas and go.

Those extra laps were the difference as when Elliott finally passed Kulwicki, he could lead only 102 laps. Alan led 103. That was the 10 point swing.

This was one of the best races in NASCAR history. What a great sport this is, given that the drivers were separated by just a couple of positions going into the final race of a 29-race season. I think we're going to have some more points races like that, and Alan's success bodes well for successful drivers owning their own race teams. This could continue to become a trend.

Back to that changing of the guard thing. Yes, this was the last race for the great Richard Petty, the greatest NASCAR driver who will ever live. But Richard got caught up in a wreck and finished 35th. However, he and his crew were able to get back on track for Richard to be running at the finish.

Some people think that this new kid, name of Jeff Gordon, is going to be the next Richard Petty, but I don't see it. His car control was terrible all day, and he hit the wall and finished 31st. You've got to have good car control to succeed in NASCAR, as well as a personality that resonates with the fans, and Gordon's California attitude and rainbow car and firesuit aren't something that many fans are going to take a liking to. You heard it here first: this kid's going to be a giant disappointment.

*-For the irony-challenged: no, it's not true. This is satire.

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