Get your letters in for the first 2011 edition of Happy Hour!

Hey! Bottled up from two months of offseason? Ready to vent your mind about all things NASCAR? Get ready, friends, because Happy Hour, Yahoo! Sports' NASCAR mailbag, is picking up stakes and coming over here to The Marbles! And we need you to kickstart it!

Here's the deal. Happy Hour, for those of you new to these parts, is the place where you get to fire off your opinions of everything from that week's races to the state of the sport in general. And if you're at all familiar with this site, you know we don't necessarily need to stop there. We may throw in music recommendations, movie reviews or dating advice. You won't know until you write in!

The first Happy Hour will launch next Wednesday, so get your thoughts/questions/speculation/predictions in now before we open the gates to the masses out on the main site. Email and you're in. We won't be able to respond to every letter, but trust me, we'll read every one. Witty and intelligent always moves to the front of the line, as does jaw-droppingly stupid. You have your marching orders, friends. Now, get to it!

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