Kyle Larson blows tire and narrowly misses safety truck during Texas Nationwide race

Kyle Larson avoided a Juan Pablo Montoya-like incident after blowing a tire on the backstretch under caution during Friday night's Nationwide Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Just laps earlier, Larson had caused the caution after spinning off of turn four. He didn't hit anything, and to stay on the lead lap, his team only changed right side tires. As Larson was accelerating coming out of the pits to catch back up to the field, his left front tire blew and his car went sliding towards the sweeper truck that was hugging the inside wall.

As the car was careening towards the truck, it wouldn't turn back to the right because of the blown tire. Though thankfully at the last moment, it appeared that Larson was able to get the car to dart to the left and miss hitting the truck, and his car pounded the inside wall.

In last year's Daytona 500, a part failed on Juan Pablo Montoya's car as he was speeding to catch up to the field under caution and he went sliding into a jet dryer in turn three. The collision resulted in an explosion and fire that delayed the race for over two hours. The driver of the jet dryer was unhurt. (There was no jet dryer on the back of the truck that Larson missed.)

Larson, who is signed as a developmental driver for Chip Ganassi, Montoya's Sprint Cup Series car owner, was also the driver whose car was ripped apart in the catch fence in the crash on the final lap of the season opening Nationwide Series race that injured at least 28 fans at Daytona. As the pack was racing to the finish, Larson's car was catapulted into the fence and the engine was ripped from its mounts upon the impact with the fence. Larson was uninjured in the crash.

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