Is Kyle Busch trying to blanket the field as an owner, too?

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

It's already a truism that Kyle Busch will race anything: Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Trucks, rental cars, go-karts, grocery carts, and oversize dogs that you could ride like a pony. And he races quite well, too; he's won or led many laps in about half of all the races run in NASCAR's three national series. It's flooding the zone on an epic scale, and it's led many to wonder if Busch's attention is too divided in his pursuit of that elusive Sprint Cup championship.

Thursday's news will do nothing to alleviate those concerns. Busch indicated that he could well move his truck team, Kyle Busch Motorsports, into the Nationwide division if new driver Kimi Raikkonen warrants a promotion. And, according to the boss himself, that could be in the offing relatively soon.

Raikkonen did some testing for KBM at Charlotte recently, and Busch, intrigued, decided to see how he matched up with the newb. "I got in the truck myself and ran some laps to see how I compared to where he was at on tires and stuff, and we ran identical lap times, so he's right there," Busch said. "He knows what he's doing."

High praise from the guy who won eight races and the Truck Series' owner's title last year, and two of the four races run this year. But then, Raikkonen isn't your everyday kid getting his first crack at a truck ride. He's talented enough to make a full-scale go of this NASCAR thing, and KBM appears serious enough about hitching to his wagon that Busch has looked into the possibility of acquiring Nationwide cars.

"If it came to be the right situation and we can get cars built or get cars from JGR, it would all be a telltale thing," Busch said. "So, we just have to wait and see."

Adding to the mix: the fact that Busch has publicly declared how much of a financial drain the truck team is; he cut from two teams to one to save money. Still, the introduction of Raikkonen, scheduled for Charlotte, could give the team just the boost it needs to get on firm financial footing ... and perhaps take a step upward.

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