What if? Kyle Busch pulled a one-pointer at Dover in 2008

(What If? is a weekly feature that will run throughout the Chase as we explore how previous Chases would have differed under the new NASCAR points format. Plus, we'll also examine how this year's Chase would look like under the old points system.)

In the second race of the Chase in 2008, Kyle Busch blew an engine 172 laps into the race at Dover. That meant a last-place finish and one point -- 46 points fewer than race winner and fellow Chase competitor Greg Biffle.

In the old points system, Busch would have received roughly 18 percent of the points Biffle did for winning. Now? A last place finish is just over 2 percent of the winner's points.

2004: Jeff Gordon left Dover with a one point lead over Kurt Busch. Under the new points system? It's still a one point lead, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in third, four points back.

2005: Eventual champion Tony Stewart struggled at Dover and left 23 points behind Jimmie Johnson in fifth place. In the new points system, he's just five points back in third place.

2006: After winning at Dover, Jeff Burton left with a six point lead over Jeff Gordon. Under the new system, he's actually eight points behind Gordon.

2007: This was the most competitive Chase after two races as four drivers left Dover within 10 points of the lead held by Gordon. That's true under the new system, but Carl Edwards, who was 28 points behind in sixth place, would be just two points back.

2008: After finishing third, Edwards held a 10 point advantage over Johnson and Biffle and would have a larger advantage under the new system.

2009: In real life, Mark Martin was the points leader by 10 over Johnson. Under the new points system, that's essentially a 10 position swing and Martin would be eight markers behind Johnson.

2010: Denny Hamlin is still the points leader and nothing really changes at the top of the points standings. However, the gap between the top eight and the bottom four would be smaller under the new system.

2011: Stewart currently holds a seven point lead over Kevin Harvick, and an 11 point lead over Brad Keselowski. But because of Keselowski's wins, Stewart would only be ahead of the Blue Deuce by three positions at the front of the pack.

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