Kyle Busch presents "Sarcasm for Dummies"

Because you've got to be a dummy to not recognize the sarcasm dripping like the sweat off of Busch's face.


I'm pretty sure that was the old Kyle in that post crash interview, which may be one of the best interviews of the season. TNT's Ralph Sheheen did a great job pressing Kyle, who finally was able to set aside his frustration and give a great explanation as to how he viewed the incident.

And before you go crucifying me for supporting Kyle, I've got no idea if what he said about the crash really was true. To the eye of an untrained observer, it certainly looked like he tried to block Montoya's momentum as he moved back to the right across Montoya's bumper and Montoya seemed surprised over his radio as Busch hit the wall. But Busch's explanation does make sense, especially given the detail that he went into.

The only thing that we do know, however, is that Busch finished 39th.

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