Kyle Busch’s Daytona 500 bathroom break wasn’t as exciting as it sounds (VIDEO)

NASCAR drivers: They have to answer the call of nature just like us!

One of the first questions any newbie asks about NASCAR is, "How do they go to the bathroom during a four-hour race?" Answer: They don't. But when the race lasts longer than four hours, well ... things get a little dicey.

As you may have heard, Monday night's Daytona 500 was delayed because of a freaking explosion and wall of fire. With two hours of time to kill on their hands and not a lot of adrenalin flowing through their bodies, NASCAR drivers had to, well, take care of business. First up was none other than Kyle Busch, and fan video caught him at the conclusion of his act, complete with trademark bow. Danica Patrick was also caught on camera asking for directions, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Brad Keselowski reportedly ran to the facilities themselves. (Junior won, marking his first win in nearly four years. Hey, at this point he'll take what he can get.)

NASCAR fans, remember when you said you wanted to know everything? Careful what you wish for.

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