Kyle Busch: not such a bad guy after all, it turns out

We give Kyle Busch a lot of grief around these parts, and for good reason. He gripes, he complains, he has an annoying tendency to beat most of our favorite drivers.

He's rough on his crew, rough on the media, rough on the fans who don't dig him. But there's another side of Kyle, the charitable puppy dog, that doesn't get nearly as much press.

Until now, that is. The Las Vegas Review-Journal did a little digging into Kyle's life and found that the dirt is just on the surface -- what's underneath is the creamy nougat of sensitivity and compassion.

"Our ratio [cheers to boos] is getting better. I've heard it's better to hear any noise than no noise at all," says his fiance Samantha Sarcinella. "It's part of the show. I feel like they're booing Kyle the character, not Kyle the person, so I don't take it to heart. ... It's hard to hear people boo him because I know the other Kyle, the true Kyle. Kyle the nice guy, the funny guy."

Yes, really. Kyle has a history of charitable efforts, and if you're wearing his colors, he might just pay you a surprise visit in the infield, too.

He'd better be careful; at this rate, he's going to start getting people to like him.

Booed and beloved [Las Vegas Review Journal]

(Hat tip to kinggeorge for the find.)