Kyle Busch hasn't forgotten wreck from Harvick at Homestead

DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. — All but forgotten in the grand crush of Jimmie Johnson's victory and Denny Hamlin's crushing defeat at Homestead 2010 was that two of the sport's most talented drivers went at it late in the race, and there was one decisive victor. Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch tangled, and without a doubt, Kyle took the worst of it:

Thursday morning, Brad Keselowski mentioned that he couldn't believe Busch could let that incident go, and a few hours later, Busch bore him out:

"You'd like to say you can wipe the slate clean, but when you go from a shot to finishing fourth in points to finishing eighth in points, that's an awful lot of money, and an awful lot of money for the race team," Busch said. "Do I care whether or not I have a grudge against Harvick? No. Do I feel like I need to do something about it? No. If something happens [involving Harvick] where it won't hurt me ... whoops." (Surely you can detect the lack of regret in that 'whoops' even without hearing it.)

Harvick, for his part, remained above the fray, indicating that he takes each season as an independent entity. "You race as hard as you can, you're going to have dustups with some people," he said. "You carry too much over at this point in the season, all it does is take away from the performance of your own team. You'll gradually create those ruffled feathers over the course of the season; there's no need to carry it over."

So how will this play out? We've got just over a week before we find out.

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