Kurt Busch slings onion rings and chili dogs in Atlanta

There's nothing quite like bringing a NASCAR ride right into the middle of the city, and Kurt Busch did exactly that this week when he drove the Blue Deuce right up to the front door of Atlanta's famed Varsity drive-thru.

(Aside: what's the Varsity? Glad you asked. It's the home of the finest, greasiest chili dogs and onion rings you'll find anywhere. Take your Five Guys and your In-n-Out and pitch 'em in the dumpster; The V is the way to go.)

Anyway, Kurt was in town, en route to California, to promote the Kobalt Tools 500 in March, a race that Kurt absolutely dominated last year. He spent some time talking with the media, posing for pictures with his ride (actually a Petty Driving Experience knockoff), and, most fun, got behind the counter to throw a few greasy goods at the hungry masses.

Kurt was in a good mood, answering questions about everything from the infamous pothole ("It nearly ripped my right side off") to new teammate Brad Keselowski ("He likes to get up on the gas. That doesn't sit so well with some people"). He signed autographs and took jokes well. (Between this and his stint pouring beer at Hooters in Daytona on Friday, I asked him if Penske was having trouble making ends meet and was putting him to work at odd jobs.)

And then came his time behind the counter. He gamely tried the Varsity's signature call -- "whaddayahave whaddayahave WHADDAYAHAVE?" -- and slung chili dogs with the best of 'em. ("Who's that?" wondered one woman staring at the media crush around Kurt. "I don't know," said another. "I think it's the owner.")

After fifteen minutes of service, it was time to eat, and Kurt dined with a couple dozen loyal #2 fans. When asked for his order, he didn't hesitate: "Two yellow dogs, an F.O. and a ring." (Translation: two hot dogs with mustard, a "frosted orange" shake, and onion rings.)

Just like he did at Atlanta a year ago, he caught on fast.

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