Kurt Busch: in fast, out faster from GatorNationals drag race

Nothing like a little butt-whipping to make a guy feel humble.

Just a week after posting a dominating win at Atlanta, Kurt Busch journeyed south to Gainesville, Fla., for the NHRA GatorNationals. Alas, while he spent four days there, he didn't have a whole lot of track time -- just two runs on the 1,000-foot drag strip.

Wheeling a rebuilt 1970 Dodge Challenger he bought on eBay for $15,000, Busch ran a qualifying run on Sunday morning, and then an elimination race later in the day. But he lost to Wes Neely in a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro.

Still, the weekend was a tremendous success for Busch, who according to the AP was the event's "star attraction." Busch can drive fellow drivers (and crew chiefs) insane, but he's incredibly warm and accommodating to his fans, and he was in full friendly mode this weekend.

Busch's hot-rod flirtation began in 2008 when he watched the U.S. Nationals with legend Don Prudhomme. Combine that with the fact that a drag strip was being built near his home in Charlotte, and you had the makings of a brand-new racing style. He bought the Challenger and souped it up to run at 1,200 horsepower while still staying street-legal. Not long afterward, his wife bought him time at the Roy Hill drag racing school.

It didn't quite pay off this past weekend -- Busch's engine misfired a touch on the start of his elimination round -- but hey, it beat hanging around the house and doing honey-do lists.

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